Technical Courses (Short Term) – On-The-Job Training/ Skills Enhancement Courses


These courses include but not limited to the following:

·        Basic Power System Protection (P1)

·        Distance Protection Course (P2)

·        Generator Protection (P3)

·        Basic Instrument and Control Course for Engineers & Technicians

·        SCADA System - SCS

·        Energy Management System (EMS)

·        Communication Equipments (SCE)

·        Cable Jointing Course

·        Distribution Substation Operation Course

·        System Operations Course

·        Senior Electrical Operator Course

·        Electrical Maintenance Course on Transformer

·        Electrical Maintenance Course on Switchgear

·        System Lines Distribution Course

·        Turbine Maintenance Course

·        Mechanical Auxiliary Plant Mgt. Course

·        Steam Turbine Training Course (Pupil Engineers)

·        Gas Turbine Training Course (Pupil Engineers)

·        Hydro Turbine Training Course

·        Thermal Operators Course

·        Maximum Demand Meter Course

·        Electrical Fitters Course

·        Solar PV Installer and Supervision Course

Meter installation & Management course