Technical Courses (Long Term)

These courses include but not limited to the following:

  • NAPTIN Graduate Skill Development Programme (NGSDP)
  • NAPTIN Technical Skills Acquisition Programme(NTSAP)


  1. The NAPTIN Graduate Skill Development Programme (NGSDP):
    This is a one year structured skills acquisition programme for graduate Engineers & Technologists in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. The curriculum consists of a 3month classroom work (run in modules) and a 9month practical field experience at the requisite stations within the power chain. The NGSDP which was unveiled in September, 2012 has recorded the following achievements as tabulated below:

  2. NAPTIN Technical Skills Acquisition Programme (NTSAP):
    This is a skill acquisition programme for technicians, craftsmen and artisans (linesmen, cable jointers, electrical fitters, distribution substations operators). The courses run between 6-9months including practical field experiences. There is presently a high demand for this category of trades in the power sector. In order to meet this demand NAPTIN is collaborating with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) for a massive joint implementation. In delivering the programme, NOUN will provide the classroom facilities which are located in each state of the federation and also teach the soft skill (non-technical) aspect of the courses.