Non-Technical Courses:

The non-technical includes but not limited to the following:

  • Leadership and management courses
  • Strategic Communication Course
  • Administrative & Logistics Course
  • Billing & Customer Service
  • Revenue Generation & Protection Course
  • Modern Electricity Marketing Techniques for Distribution companies
  • Customer Relationship Management Course
  • Work Ethics, Attitudinal Change & Productivity Improvement Course
  • Incentive regulation Course
  • Negotiation of off-takers and  Power and Gas Purchase Agreement Course
  • Load demand balancing management & regulations
  • Electricity Market Trading
  • Technical For Non-Technical Course
  • Computer Concepts & Application course for Utility Employees
  • Project Management Course Using Microsoft Project
  • Negotiation of off-take Power and Gas Agreement
  • Advanced Computer Applications for Professionals & Management Employees
  • AutoCAD for Electrical Engineer
  • Financial Modelling and Business Planning for Utilities
  • Leadership and Performance Improvement Course
  • Regulation and Price Determination
  • Revenue Cycle Management Course
  • Inventory Control & performance Improvement Course
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Strategic Marketing Course
  • Human resource & Management 





There is eminent need to develop adequate human and institutional capacity needed for effective development and delivery of renewable energy, thus addressing capacity issues for energy mix in Nigeria and Africa. NAPTIN has been supported by the Nigerian-German Energy Partnership to develop its technical capacity for renewable energy training delivery. Under this partnership GIZ has assisted NAPTIN to develop the Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy efficiency curriculum with a comprehensive Solar PV/ Wind hybrid training facilities at Kainji Training Centre. NAPTIN instructors have been specifically trained on Solar PV/Wind hybrid installation and management both in Germany and Nigeria. A comprehensive and standard curriculum has been developed for effective training and skills acquisition in the area of:

  1. Solar PV Installer
  2. Solar PV Installer Supervision
  3. Solar PV Mini Grid Hybrid design