You can NOW make Remita Payments online DIRECLTY through our portal...

Following the directive by the Federal Government on TSA, all payments to Government agencies must be made via Remitta.
See details on how to make payment online via Remitta using your Debit Card or paying at a Bank Branch:

1. Upon successful login as a Trainee, click on the Payment Console tab, Once the payment console page is displayed, enter the Admission Number for the Training Program you intend to pay for and click on Search (Note that you become eligible to make payments once you have been 'Shortlisted' or 'Admitted' into a Training Program)

2. If your search is successful, Brief details about the Training Program and your cummulative payment history will be displayed. If you are eligible to make payment, a Text box for Payment Amount will be made available. Enter the desired amount and click on Next. Follow the process through by cliking on the Next buttons. On the Select Payment Method page i.e. STEP 2 of 4, select Remita TSA Webpayby clicking on the option button. Follow the process through by cliking on the Next buttons

3. For each Payment attempt, a unique Transaction Reference Number is generated. kindly note this number as it may be used to track your transaction in the future. Also all payment attempts are logged in the Transaction Log page.
Once the payment page is displayed, enter your Debit Card Number, Expiry Date of your Card, CVV2 Number and your PIN OR Copy the RRR generated and proceed to a bank branch to make payment. For all payment attempts a notification email shall be sent to you on the status of your payment transaction. For successful payment, an auto-generated payment acknowledgement slip is sent to your mail box, also, your Training payment details on the portal is updated automatically. Your payment slip is also available in the Transaction Log page.
Payment Options on Remita via our Portal
•   MasterCard
•   Visa Card
•   Bank Branch
•   Internet Banking
•   Paga/PocketMoni
For questions or clarifications, contact NAPTIN Support Team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.