Compliance with the Executive Order:E01 (Ease of Doing Business)

Procurement Unit and Its Activities in NAPTIN

1. All fees as it affects Bid Document purchase shall be duly published in ATLEAST two (2) national dailies, procurement journal, NAPTIN website, NAPTIN CHQ notice board and all Regional Training Centers notice board, As stated in line with Section 25 subsections (1), (2(i-ii)) of the Public Procurement Act 2007 (PPA).

2. All application for participation in the tender process shall be in compliance with the PPA 2007 and as categorically spelt out in advertorials on the  platform stated on (1) above and the solicitation document purchased.

3. Notice of acceptance of bid shall be immediately communicated to the successful bidders immediately after evaluation in line with section 33 subsection (1-3) of the PPA.

4. Applications so rejected/disqualified shall be communicated to the companies and or service providers on request as stated in affected through letters, verified email address of the bidder and on NAPTIN website.

5. Requests for intending bidders to submit relevant Tax, pension and social security contributions amongst others shall be in line with Fundamental principles for procurement as stated in section 16, subsections (1-9) of the PPA. Note also that NAPTIN may as it deem necessary call for the sighting of the Original documents issued by the relevant authorities (where such authorities are Federal Government Agencies) in the case of originals not being issued; NAPTIN will contact the relevant agency for further authentication.

6. All bids shall be valid through the period outlined in the tender document purchased in tandem with section (29) subsections (1-5) of the PPA.

7. All contractors’, service providers, suppliers and consultants are expected to update their profiles with the Federal Inland Revenue Service.


Compliance with the Executive Order:E03 (Support for Local Content in public procurement by MDAs of the Federal Government of Nigeria)

1. In line with the executive order stipulation and as outlined in section 34 subsection (1-4), NAPTIN shall state henceforth in the bid document clearly all affected goods and services where local preference will be given due consideration and shall mandate all potential manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and consultants to provide a verifiable statement on the local content of the goods or services to be provided.

2. Domestic preference shall be given in the procurement of the following items by NAPTIN:

a.    NAPTIN branded T-Shirts
b.    Safety Boots
c.    Motor vehicles for project monitoring
d.    Construction materials
e.    Information and communication Technology solutions deployment
f.     Furniture and Fittings
g.    Stationery

3. At least 40% of the above mentioned good/services shall be given domestic preference.