NAPTIN was established to fulfill the following mandates:

  • To serve as a focal point for human resource development and workforce capacity building as well as research Centre on matters relating to power in Nigeria and possibly Africa in general
  • To offer comprehensive hands-on engineering and technical training programs for professional and graduates in the Power Sector
  • To develop management, leadership, regulatory, ICT and other soft skills training for the Power Sector
  • To ensure maintenance of industry common standards and dissemination of new ideas and technology to the Power Industry
  • To assist in identifying employees’ competency gaps and training needs
  • To provide manpower development advisory support to the Power Sector industry participants
  • To ensure a high maintenance and performance culture is instilled and utilized by engineers/technologists, technicians, artisans and craftsmen through its training throughout the Industry in order to enhance efficiency
  •  And to design professional certificate programs that will ensure proficiency and global recognition